Thursday, March 10, 2011

Compering Speech Sample


After removal of the cup where he defended the title and the uefa league before a big rival such as Oporto, is the first of the weeks that we have no party intersemanal I do not know if this is cause for rejoicing or not, to me it is not, the truth is I miss my Seville in Europe and in other competitions of the home, but this year has played well and we must accept it and know it snaps it is what it is and no more, for God next year will tell.

Right now we have a week to prepare for Sunday's game, is when we get the fashion team in the world, that that conglomerates and umbrella in its ranks to a game of boys from the farmhouse champions world, whether they Iniesta, Xavi, Pedrito that grow so much and became Peter, Piquet and Busquet and above have to say openly that we have the Golden Ball and the best player in the world in their ranks, Leonel Messi.

Not only that, also in that team play such names as Daniel Alves here know that very, very good and I least I'm throwing very much, also the law of life is passing by our team players who can say that while they were what we enjoyed even before others, also a gauge that Villa is a great scoring form in this team, as would a pure-blooded "Ostia not miss these or a parsley."

So with all this are beyond the lineup of a team that has a whopping 26 matches unbeaten run in league, recently got the switch to fourth in the continental showpiece, it fell the to whole Arsenal and the band to be finalists in the cup where yet and do not forget anyone, we are champions and felled with a bad gear end we deserved to be in it if it were not for what we already know.

What does all this mean? What are we doomed to defeat? because if we play with so-called famous numbers and the logic of statistics, if you have to be a resounding yes, another thing is that this game is played in La Bombonera and here the statistics of some many times we go through the liner, is a party on the other hand also, which the Catalans know it can be vital to the achievement of a league, this year at this point will take a considerable advantage to the "galactic florentinic" not definitive, because we know it that is football and never until the final whistle can claim victory or defeat for anyone, but we all know too well that they will not come to the Pizjuan nap.

Our Sevilla takes several parties scratching at a high level and only for specific events and some or a lot of bad luck, we have found the bones on the ground in several of these shocks to the improvement of my game is a reality, this is because I understand as well as the king of keeping pigs, but here is my vision and put it on.

may be a wish that it is, but I'm going to risk in this game and I'll bet on my team and I'll bet it strong, these are the games where our team knows how to make the best of them and is where some many times have we left with two spans noses at those who predicted the certain defeat of our victory or otherwise, call it what it is, is one of those crashes where no one gives a drive for us, it's time to pull Sevilla pride as many times especially fun with what you're doing, no more assumptions that, fun to make fun of others.

are, are not machines, they are men like who we are and it's time to dream again with a big win today against the form team in Europe and on recently.

On Sunday it's time again to remove the little button to pause and give strength to the play, we play not only three points, we played our pride, our sense more deep and out of our box of candy with one of those smiles that will last almost until the end of the season, I confess that faltita us a little something like this in a season as I would say the father of Julio Iglesias, rare, rare, rare.


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